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barocco coffee blends

Sourcing, continuous cupping and tasting, research and development, fresh batch lot numbering on every bag, first of its kind in North America packaging materials... this is just a short list of the differentiation Barocco works very hard to achieve. Differentiation through the passionate pursuit of doing better tomorrow than what was done today.

three blends to capture Italy

With respect to our founding land of espresso, we know that the taste and blend profile of espresso varies greatly as one travels from the north to the south of Italy. That's why we created three different blends to capture Italy.            


three blends to capture Canada

Although our traditional roasting methods have origins in Italy, the Canadian coffee drinker profile is just as important at Barocco: coffee blends are a reflection of their origins as well as their roast profile.


one blend for a good night's sleep

We use only the highest quality of 100% Colombian decaffeinated coffee beans. Only beans that have been decaffeinated using the recognized SWISS WATER method are roasted at Barocco.

limited editions

Thee Barocco Coffee Company is committed to excellence. Our purpose is to continually push the envelope and create extraordinary coffee experiences. With this purpose in mind, we release several Limited Edition coffees each year.







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