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We are a local coffee roaster focusing on exceptional quality coffee blends and Limited Edition single origin offerings. Utilizing traditional coffee roasting methods honed in Italy at the turn of the century, Barocco Coffee Company strikes a balance between those important past traditions and today's latest technological advances, always through the lens of an artisanal approach.

Rather than restricting ourselves by focusing only on cooperatives, fair trade or single origins, we approach our sourcing with an open mind; searching the globe to find the best available coffee beans while ensuring we always work with ethical and sustainable farms. We  are particularly proud of our Direct Trade relationships with farms in Brazil and Colombia.

Inspired by the relentless passion of our team, the coat of arms on our package honours the quality of the coffee beans inside them. We invite you to share in our passion.

Terra - Humanitas - Passionis

Meet the Team

Bruno Colozza, President, before having joined Barocco, founded b espresso bar. With two locations in Toronto, b espresso bar recently celebrated its 13th anniversary and is a 3 time winner of the Krups Cup of Excellence award as Best Independent Espresso Bar in Toronto. Bruno has a keen understanding of customer needs and is a tireless brand builder that always has his focus firmly planted on quality. His passion for all things gastronomy provides for a valued palate at the cupping table.

Phil Lanzarotta, Senior VP, brings a varied and valuable background to Barocco as the former owner of Lanzarotta Wholesale Grocers, head of Supply Chain for Kellogg Canada and most recently President of RxMedia Inc. Phil has applied himself to all areas of Barocco's sales, marketing and operational activities. His vast contact base and keen skill set brings an experienced and stable voice to the company. His partnership with Bruno has created a formidable team bringing great value to Barocco's varied customer base.

Karl Edmond, Roast Master, has been in the coffee industry for over fifteen years. Before joining Barocco, Karl worked his way up the corporate ladder at Starbucks in South Carolina and Georgia as well as roasting for several Atlanta based roasters. He continues to be an active member of the Roaster’s Guild and his passion and relentless pursuit of the perfect cup keeps Barocco at the forefront of industry competition. Karl has an astute sense of taste and is one of Barocco’s pillars. Look for Karl to put his stamp on future Limited Editions as he explores the coffee bean offerings from the world over.

Noah Walker, Head Roaster, has brought a great deal of innovation to Barocco Coffee over the past several years.  His dedication to exploring the science and art of roasting has served to push the envelope, garnering 9 medals at the last three Golden Bean North American Roaster Competitions in Portland, Oregon.


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