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Our Mission

Our Mission

We are a local coffee roaster focusing on exceptional quality coffee blends and Limited Edition single origin offerings. Utilizing traditional coffee roasting methods honed in Italy at the turn of the century, Barocco Coffee Company strikes a balance between those important past traditions and today's latest technological advances, always through the lens of an artisanal approach.

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Barocco Coffee Company buys its two most prevalent bean species using the Direct Trade model, from Brazil and Colombia. 


The tradition for quality has been maintained for over 125 years and Barocco is proud to have established a direct trade relationship with Fazenda Cachoeira da Grama and its neighbouring farms.


Barocco is proud to work directly with Carolina Orduz and her husband Raif Orduz, importing their prized “Silveria” beans. Shade grown at a high elevation of 1400 feet, Carolina’s traditional and sustainable farming methods make a difference.

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