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French Press 101

FRENCH PRESS 101 – Using the BODUM® Brewing the best cup every time. The French press, also known as coffee press or coffee plunger is a coffee brewing device patented by Italian designer Attilio Calimani in 1929. Although the first press was made and used in France, it’s popularity grew with the introduction of the BODUM® by the similarly named Danish kitchenware company. It works best with coffee of a courser grind and provides a fuller bodied taste profile with a more pronounced mouth feel. French press coffee is more dense and heavy yet has its own sort of elegance. It is important to not allow the coffee to steep in the hot water for longer than the recommended time period...

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Why Are Some Coffees Sweeter Than Others?

Bitter coffee? That’s a thing of the past. Now, specialty professionals and consumers alike want their morning coffee to have a hint of sweetness – and I’m not talking about one that comes from adding sugar or honey. We’ve finally woken up to just how sweet our favourite drink can be naturally. But why is coffee sweet? And, perhaps, most importantly, how can we roast and brew our beans to maximise it? I decided to do a little research to answer those questions. SEE ALSO: Coffee Science: What’s Acidity? How you roast coffee will affect its sweetness. Credit: Vigilante Coffee What Is Sweetness? A generally accepted definition of sweetness is that it’s the taste produced by a high sugar content in...

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What is Specialty Coffee?

By The Specialty Coffee Chronicle on March 17, 2017 By Ric Rhinehart When I first wrote this article in June of 2009, I identified the fragile chain of custody for specialty coffee and the collaborative work that is necessary to deliver a better coffee experience that can be measured. This remains true today, but it is important to note two other thoughts on the topic. First, the role of those in the value chain after the farmer. Do they merely preserve the inherent quality of the coffee, or is their job to enhance or improve on that quality? Increasingly, I think that at every step we are responsible for one or more of the following: the preservation, transformation, or revelation...

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What Happened at the Coolest Dinner Party Ever

Champagne, Caviar and Maestro Fresh Wes When Toronto Life announced it was putting together The Coolest Dinner Party Ever in partnership with Sonos the home sound system company, we knew that people would be excited. After all, the dinner was being prepared by Patrick Kriss and the team from Alo, the most coveted restaurant reservation in the city, Afrim Pristine from Cheese Boutique had signed up to do the cheese for the evening, and the whole event was being coordinated by Franco Stalteri of the CB Wine Program and the man behind Charlie’s Burgers, the legendary secret dinner party series. Patrick Kriss and the team from Alo plating What we didn’t expect was that hundreds of people would email us looking for...

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