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Bespoke Barocco: Kenya 99 - 200G

Bespoke Barocco: Kenya 99 - 200G

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Our Master Roaster’s Process

The beans have undergone a second in-house processing. The esteemed Wayne Gretzky’s Estates provided us with their unique aged whiskey barrels. After placing the beans in these barrels for anaerobic fermentation, yeast was added and the magic took place for 99 hours. The coffee was then dried before being meticulously roasted to a light-medium profile.

The Bean

This extraordinary AA grade coffee is from Fairview Estates, one of Kenya’s oldest farms. Grown at a high altitude in rich volcanic soil.

Type: Kenya AA
Elevation: 1750 M.A.S.L.
Process: Washed, Yeast Barrel Fermentation
Tasting Notes: Complex notes of tannic malt, racy fruit forward red wine, milk chocolate with a lingering sweetness.

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