Bespoke Barocco: Ethiopian Wush Wush - 340g

Bespoke Barocco: Ethiopian Wush Wush - 340g

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A new offering from Barocco Coffee. Our Head Roaster’s meticulous selection of single origins with re-imagined taste profiles. Share in our passion with these limitless tastes.

Farm - Adola Washing Stations and Dry Mill
Region - Oromia, Ethiopia
Altitude - 2000 - 2300m
Process - Natural
Varietal - Wushwush Heirloom

Tasting Notes:
Watermelon, Sponge Toffee Cake, Aero Milk Chocolate Bar. 

The Bean:
Originally found in Ethiopia, Wush Wush is a low-yield, rare variety that has become popular in specialty coffee over the past few years. Compared to Geisha and other famous rare varieties, Wush Wush has a unique cup profile that will stun and surprise you. Our roaster works with these smaller sized, denser beans by further developing the sugars during the roast, resulting in a naturally sweeter and more complex cup. 

The Process:
Over 450 small farmers contributed to this crop. The Wush Wush in this bag is 60% "Super" Wush (6-day fermentation) & 40% of the "Refreshing" Wush (4-day fermentation). These unique cherries are carefully sorted and placed on raised beds. They are then put into polypropelene woven bags and sealed creating a limited amount of access to oxygen, (so not fully anaerobic, but close). The bags are set in a cooler area and left for a specified time period before being removed, fully drying on raised beds for another 2 weeks. 

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